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Jae Martin produces pieces that are far from the ordinary. Being influenced greatly by the graffiti art style, he incorporates it into his art to show its due respect. Jae completes most of his pieces in one day because he wants to capture what he was feeling at the moment. Using acrylics, Sharpie oil markers, and spray paint on canvas and on anything he can get his hands on, Jae also uses his two cities as a major influence on his resourcefulness.


Find love in chaos

What is love? What is chaos? Are they one in the same? I don’t know. When you find love in anything that is going on around you, you tend to come out on top! Love hard! Live love laugh! 30by40 Spray paint, latex house paint, marker SOLD Buy here

Through the gift-shop

Building a new platform to show my artwork! Join me on my art journey. Through the gift-shop is inspired by all of those creators out there that use their gift as a source for food!


All questions and comments can be directed to JMCREATESART@GMAIL.COM